Terms of use for sites

General working conditions 



Materials published on the site may belong to one of the following categories: 

- materials created by SPE URANUS, in respect of which the project has full rights (own materials of SPE URANUS);

- materials posted on the company's sites in accordance with partner agreements or public terms of distribution of Materials; in respect of such Materials, SPE URANUS has only the right to post on the site (third-party materials); 

The user can only use materials, including text, graphics, photos, videos, audio, etc., published on the company's websites on the following grounds: 

1. Under the contract; 

2. In the form of reproduction, without the consent of SPE URANUS and without payment of remuneration, provided that such use is carried out by the citizen solely for personal purposes (in accordance with Art. 1273 СС RF). 

3. Use of Materials according to article. 1274 СС RF, i.e. without the consent of SPE URANUS and without payment of remuneration, but with the obligatory reference to the source in accordance with para.6 of these rules in the form of: 

A) Citations in original form and translations for scientific, polemical, critical or informational purposes of duly published works, to the extent justified by the purpose of citation, including the reproduction of extracts from newspaper and magazine articles in the form of press reviews 

B) The use of legitimately published works and extracts there of as illustrations in publications, radio and television broadcasts and educational audio and video recordings to the extent justified by the aim; 

C) Reproduction in the press, broadcast or cable of publicly delivered political speeches, petitions, reports and other similar works, to the extent justified by the purpose of the information. The authors of such works retain the right to publish them in collections; 

D) Reproducing or communicating for the benefit of the general public in reviews of current events by means of photography, cinematography, broadcast or cable of works which are seen or heard during such events, to the extent warranted by information purpose; 

E) Reproduction without profit in relief-point font or other special methods for validly published works other than those specially created for reproduction by such means. 

4. Free use for promotion of products of SPE URANUS with the prior written consent of SPE URANUS. 

All materials published on the company’s websites with reference to other rights holders or other sources of information may not be used in any other way than that provided for in these rules. 

When using Materials in accordance with clausе A, B in to 3 of these rules in electronic publications, Internet site pages, electronic files or other forms of electronic use, the user is obliged to publish a hyperlink in each case of use, to the main page of the website of  company SPE URANUS. 

Links or hyperlinks must be made by the user in the first paragraph of the text that uses the text materials of the company's website, or directly under the graphic material used on the company's website. The font size of the link or hyperlink must not be less than the font size of the user's text that uses text materials, or the font size of the user's text that accompanies the graphic material. 

When using Materials in accordance with clauses a And b of clause 3.3. of these rules in audio-video recordings, including, but not limited to, broadcast on television and radio, including broadcasts via electronic computer or telephone networks or other similar forms, the user in each case of use is obliged to voice a link to the company's website as a source of information. In this case, the link must be given in a time interval not exceeding 30 seconds from the start of using the site material in the user's audio-video recording and cannot be quieter in volume than the main audio-video material of the user in which the materials are used. 

When using the Materials in the ways provided for by these rules, any processing of the Materials is not allowed, except for the reduction of text Materials. The reduction of text material is allowed only under the condition that the reduction does not lead to distortion of the meaning of such material. 

These rules are not and cannot be interpreted as a contract or offer, including a public offer. To use the Materials in accordance with these rules, you must enter into a contract in writing. For questions about using Materials based on the contract, as well as payment for it, please contact SPE URANUS by email adv@spe-uranus.com. 

In case of violation of any of the above paragraphs of these rules individually or in any combination thereof, the SPE URANUS reserves the right to defend its rights and legitimate interests by any lawful means, including judicial means. 

SPE URANUS reserves the right at any time to modify and/or supplement these rules without prior notice to users. The rules are modified and/or supplemented by posting a new version, which takes effect from the date of its publication on the company’s websites. All relations between the User and SPE URANUS are regulated by the version of the rules that was in force at the date of use of the Materials by the user.