On September 15-17, 2020, SPE URANUS took part in the 18th international exhibition on electronics, components, equipment and technologies "ChipEXPO 2020" together with " SKOLKOVO».In the first was presented Ethernet ЦПЕХ@. Presented  explosion-proof interface ЦПЕХ@11.03.004 it is intended for transmitting information between devices of computer and industrial Ethernet networks operating in explosive environments. Explosion-proof interface ЦПЕХ@11.03.004 allows you to connect an Ethernet network using a standard RJ45 connector built into a dust-and moisture-proof enclosure directly in an explosive zone of various classes. Explosion-proof interface ЦПЕХ@11.03.004 provides data transfer at a speed of 1Gbit/s over a CAT5e cable up to 100m (a common segment consisting of an intrinsically safe section of the network and a non-intrinsically safe section). Explosion-proof interface ЦПЕХ@11.03.004 supports " hot-plugging», so you can connect and disconnect to an intrinsically safe Ethernet network segment without disconnecting the power to the network control devices.